L.A. Day

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L.A. Day is a multi-published erotic romance author. Her stories have 
been tagged imaginative, steamy, and even one of the most erotic 
stories ever read. Her work can be found at Ellora's Cave, 
Cobblestone Press and Changeling Press. 
She is thrilled to bring her stories to life for everyone to enjoy. 
Her favorite genre is erotic, romance with a paranormal or sci-fi 
twist. She feels that if you're going to create an alpha male 
character why not make him bigger, stronger, more well endowed than 
any human man could ever be? It is fantasy after all. 
Remember, Alpha Males are only a `Day' away.
Step into her world and let the heat rise. To find out more, visit 
her site: http://www.la-day.com
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