Tess MacKall

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With a background in journalism Tess began her career with a local newspaper and then moved on to her greatest passion–politics. Her flair for marketing landed her jobs in various political campaigns across the south and honed her skills as a speech writer. Leaving the political arena, she returned to her beloved hometown in the south to raise her family and to finally liveher distant dream of writing romance.

Next on her list of dreams is to start life anew in a small coastal town. She’s hearing the call of the ocean and can imagine sitting on the beach listening to the waves and to all those sexy characters that keep talking in her head. Life is about change and the need to keep it fresh. There is nothing more exciting than a little “reinvention” from time to time~~new locales to explore and to motivate the muse.

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Available from Freya’s Bower http://www.freyasbower.com

The Gabriel’s Ride Series

Gabriel’s Gun including the prequel Gabriel’s Horn

Coming Winter of 2008-Strip Down! Gabriel’s Ride Continues

Coming January 15th from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid– His Sweet Obsession


Available Winter of 2008 from Freya’s Bower

His Only Treasure

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