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TwoLips Reviews opened its doors on August 7, 2006 with the firm belief that people could benefit from using women’s erotica as training manuals or even self-help books. When women start using their two lips to communicate, great things happen!

Since we’ve opened, we’ve done close to 3,500 reviews in mainly the romance genre and are excited to announce we will be including non-fiction and mystery titles in the future. We would love for you to review with us.

Readers can find reviews here:

Authors submitting review requests can send them our Review Coordinator at – please include book title, author name, genre, book length, and blurb.  The full submissions policy is located here:

We have a Yahoo group, Talking TwoLips, that allows unlimited promos on Mondays.  Here is the link:

If anyone wants to schedule a chat (Yahoo message board), the email address for our Chat Liaison is

To request an interview, the email address for our Interview Coordinator is

To purchase ad space, please send an email to

To apply to become an editor or reviewer (we have special perks for authors), or to ask any general questions, please send an email to

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